Fun Friday and FAIL

on 20 November 2009


Lest you all get the wrong idea about me as a baker, just know that some of my attempts go fairly wide of the mark.

Take last Fun Friday for example:

Hmmm. They were supposed to be pumpkin muffins. I see now that I did not sufficiently grease my muffin tin, and so what resulted was pumpkin...bits? Pumpkin fall outs? Pumpkin crumble? Pumpkin collapse in a heaps? Still delicious but not quite so appetizing as the actual muffin would have been.

I followed up my baking success with a canceled playdate, cleaning the bathrooms (the Boy has to be gated into his room to prevent his enthusiastic participation) and feeding the mean geese.

All in all, NOT a winner.

But! Our playdate did stop by for a brief visit before lunch and a nap which was fun! And we went to target to tool around the holiday decorations which was also fun! So...not an EPIC fail, just not the strongest showing I could have made. I need some new ideas, please, you tell me what are some fun things you do with your child.