The Return of Fun Fridays

on 13 November 2009

So, what with all the traveling and all the sickness of October, Fun Fridays fell by the wayside. Last week, I took the liberty of picking them up again.

We started the day with French Toast (or pain perdu, for those of you so inclined). Homemade wheat bread, ever so slightly stale, soaked in a yummy sugar and spice custard and then cooked in butter and topped with newly made strawberry jam.

2 out of 3 in Burnstopia agree--it was delicious. And 1 out of 3 in Burnstopia wishes he could have been there for it!

After breakfast was snarffed up and cleaned up, the Boy and I headed out. I had planned to hit the public library and then find a park out on St. Simon's Island to play and let the Boy burn off his energy before heading back for lunch and a nap.

We didn't quite get that far.

We headed downtown to where the public library is located. Parked and walked around for a while. We poked in and out of antique shops--I'd love to find an old wooden high chair for yon Boy, so he can sit and play in the kitchen while I cook without being underfoot. We found some amazingly cool old things. And that's when I realized that if money were no object, I would fill up my life with funky old things.

We found a small bookshop.

I am not exaggerating when I say that my house probably has more books in it than that bookshop. But she did seem to have quite the local interest section. And she had an awesome wooden train that her father had made for her kids and the Boy played with for a good half hour before I ushered him out an along our path.

We finally ended up at the library.

Yes, it's small. No, the don't have a very extensive collection. But, it's a library and I love the smell of books. They had a big open children's section which the Boy ran through and around and played with some other children. I found a book that I've been wanting to read for a while but have been holding out for it to come out in paperback. We played until it was time for lunch and a nap and then I packed up the Boy and headed home.

After lunch we took the rest of the stale loaf of bread and went out to feed the geese. There's a pond in the middle of our apartment complex that seems to serve no other purpose than to be a home for geese. The Boy and I walk back there most afternoons when we go to get the mail, and on Friday we took some bread to feed them. Here is what I learned about geese.

They are MEAN birds.

There were probably a dozen at least, mostly smallish but several bigger birds. The Boy was in the stroller and I wanted them to walk up sort of close so that he could see them. So I crumbled and scattered bread about 3 feet away from the stroller. They came flocking, of course. But as the smaller birds would attempt to avail themselves of the delicious homemade offering, the bigger birds would swoop in a BITE and then HOLD ON while the smaller birds attempted to fly away! It was AWFUL.

I may have had words with one or two of them. I may have called them some names. I may have also lectured them about the value of sharing. I'm pretty sure they only like me for my bread.

When we got back to the apartment, who should be waiting for us but CHRIS! Home 2 hours early on a Friday afternoon! I was shocked! It was so lovely. We opened up all the windows and sat and played and read as a family. It really was so fun. We fed the Boy dinner and Chris did the bath with him and we put him to bed for the night.

I may have gone to bed around 7pm. On a Friday night. What? That much fun in one day would wear anyone out!