I need your help

on 17 November 2009

Someone please tell me why we do NOT need this:

It's even more awesome than it looks! It's ANIMATRONIC, y'all! I took the Boy through Target's holiday section, he loves the lights and music etc, and I love the holiday so it's a treat for both of us. Anyway, I came upon this GEM and thought to myself, "Self. That is so hideous, so ugly, so WRONG in every sense of the Christmas word, we must have it!"

Odd as it may sound, I can't seem to convince Chris that we must have it.

Of course, I probably shouldn't have given him the choice of the santa-hat-wearing-pink-flamingo or the JOY-holding-santa-hat-AND-scarf-wearing-penguins!

I really should just try to figure out how to get Target to give them to me for free promotion.

Nothing says, Happy Holidays like ugly animatronics! Now, you tell me, how are you beautifying your lives this holiday season?


Tori said...

If you owned that, you'd be the coolest person of all time. More than you already are.

Whimsy said...

I vote for the penguins. Nothing says Christmas in Georgia like some penguins.

Which you should set up in your living room, dancing with wild glee around your Christmas tree.

Rae said...

Mostly, I'm just trying to get the place clean. We moved in July, and there are still so many things un-done. The joy of a work-in-progress, I guess.

Reason you should not get it- because you will love it, and you will have a neighbor who will hate it. Neighbor will complain, and you will write about here on your blog and I will say bad words about that neighbor in my head. Do it for me.