The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend

on 15 November 2009

I like to think that everyone has those days.  You know the ones?  The ones where NOTHING seems to go as you hoped/planned/anticipated.  I have them fairly regularly.  But I've never had a whole weekend of those days.

Until this weekend.

I'm actually RELIEVED that tomorrow is Monday.  There is hope for better days.

This weekend (so far, am terrified to think what else might go wrong...)

  • Made bread and it didn't rise.  Well, it rose in the bowl, just not once I made it into loaves.  So we're eating wheat bricks for the next couple of weeks.
  • have made several meals which my child refuses to consume.  He insists on living on air.
  • Child peed on the carpet.  Immediately AFTER I told him NOT to pee on the carpet.
  • Chris canceled Christmas.
  • We went to church today.  A sewer line broke in the vicinity of our church so they had canceled all but the first meeting.  We weren't even 10 minutes in when Chris pointed out that the Boy's diaper had leaked all over his pants.  I had not brought a diaper because I thought, surely we can go an hour without needing a fresh diaper.  So after 20 minutes, I picked up the Boy and the car key and headed home to change him, planning on returning to pick up Chris when the meeting concluded.  Only to discover ONCE I was HOME that I didn't have a house key.  The office is closed on Sundays so the Boy roamed around some grassy areas in a thoroughly soggy diaper until I could pick up Chris and come home and change the Boy's diaper.
  • I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night for days.
  • I made Chris mad.  and no, I don't really want to talk about it.


Tori said...

I feel you so much on this one.

Money has been really tight this month, but I got an unexpected stipend on Friday. To celebrate, we went out to dinner with my sister's family. When trying to leave, my car wouldn't start, as the starter had went out. I had to drain my bank account to buy a new one and leave my hubs and brothers-in-law to fix my car. My sister brings me and the baby home while they are working and I get to my house only to realize I left the key with the men folk, so with the help of my nephews, I broke into my own house, breaking a screen in the process.

And the house was a ginormous wreck.

So my sister saw it looking wrecktastic, and I was super embarrassed, but so grateful that she was there to help me.

You are not alone. *hug*

Emily said...

This is when you really don't dare ask if things could get any worse.

Whimsy said...

Now that's a weekend that DOESN'T sound fun.

I'm so sorry. I hope Monday is a better day.