Charlie is my Darling

on 12 November 2009


I get to teach tonight.

See, our church has an organization for women, and within that organization we have monthly meetings, just for fun. Well, for fun and also to learn stuff, and to try to improve ourselves. We're all about trying to be better. Anyway, in 3 years in Chapel Hill, I went to approximately 2 of these meetings. And one of those I had to teach. (It was my most favorite hot fudge chocolate cake and SAUCE. It was chocolaty and delicious.) Anyway, I'm just not that social...and being in a place where there are so many women who all go to the same church it was easy to sort of...sift myself through the cracks and hope that no one noticed.

Which is what I did!

But down here, it's much smaller. Everyone knows everyone and they are really good at keeping tabs on you. It's nice. It's totally different than what I've been used to, but it's really nice. And they're really interested in utilizing people's strengths. So, when it became widely known that I have copious amounts of literary education, they asked me to teach a class on reading and appreciating literature.

In honor of my expedition to Greater Involvement, I give you a favorite quote from Charlie is my Darling Dickens. Enjoy and wish me luck!

"I made a compact with myself that in my person literature should stand by itself, of itself an for itself."


Sarah said...

Yay! I've wondered what your ward is like. It would be pretty easy to fall through the cracks here I think. It sounds like you've got a good thing going - it's so nice to be needed! Wishing you luck!

Molly said...

Uhmm... I don't think you really sat in the cracks here, either, Madam RS teacher, awesome Sun school comment contributor, friendly hello-in-the-haller.