on 10 November 2009

So, I know that this is a momentous occasion. I am blogging about TELEVISION.

I don't normally watch television because there's never anything original, interesting or GOOD on it, and I have other things to occupy my time.

But! Chris was interested in the new version of the old television miniseries V (it aired in the 1980s before there were remote controls and satellite dishes with hundreds of channels with nothing interesting on them). I had watched the preview with him and it seemed interesting so I asked if he'd wait until the Boy went to bed and we could watch it together. And Saturday night, that's just what we did.

Of all the adjectives I could choose, I am choosing to describe this program as: interesting. Not least because of when they chose to air it.

I'm not going to go into all the details, suffice it to say that aliens come to Earth and say that they're here to bring Hope and Change and Peace. Some humans buy it (actually embrace it, love it, sell it) and some are suspect.

It started me thinking about these ideas of Hope, Change and Peace. And about the people who promise them. These don't seem to be things that a politician can promise, well, they certainly can't deliver them. These are qualities that happen to individuals, on a singular level. They're choices (and often the result of other choices), not government programs. And I can't help but be suspicious of the politicians who promise things that they can't very well deliver.

I don't generally blog about television (I think almost everyone with a television in their home watches too much of it) and I just as rarely blog about politics (live and let live, y'all), and here I have touched on both of them. Clearly, something is going on.

Check it out here.


Sarah said...

Yes. And yes. Yes, yes, yes. I'm going to link to you if you don't mind. :)

Bird said...

Hey! You changed your site! Looks so sleek and modern.