Blueberry Bagels

on 29 January 2008

So, the flavor of the week is blueberry bagels with cream cheese. In case you haven't noticed, due to the sparse posts lately, I haven't got much to say. Work is particularly heinous right now, my blood-pressure is sky high and being pregnant is uncomfortable and only likely to become increasingly uncomfortable.

The one comedic highlight so far has been that The Husband and I have both started reading to The Child. He reads the Tales of Uncle Remus in Gullah, I read a collection of Scottish folk tales--complete with Scottish accent. Our poor child is going to be so confused.

So rather than listen to further whining from me--which I'm quite sure that no one really wants to hear--I propose a friendly wager. The Husband and I are going to the doctor on Thursday and prior to the actual doctoring we will have our 2nd ultrasound, which will (theoretically) determine the sex of The Child. Who wants to place their guess? Please do so in the comments section. But please make an educated are your pertinent factors:

1) The Husband is the youngest of 4, with 2 older brothers--since his swimmers are the deciding factor, I thought you should be informed genetically.
2) I have a twin brother (but also 2 older sisters).
3) I never really had morning sickness.
4) I certainly craved action movies and nasty canned nacho cheese sauce (that has to indicate a male occupant, right?)
5) I had terrible acne when first pregnant, but it has since subsided.
6) I still shave my legs every other day.
7) EVERYONE around me is saying that we're having a girl--EXCEPT my sister and her kids.
8) The Husband thinks it's a girl--but it's partly because he wants a little girl with "Little Orphan Annie" hair.
9) I think it might be a boy--but what do I know I've never been pregnant before!

OK. Everyone, make your declaration in the comments--I will certainly be blogging the results on Thursday afternoon and will praise those of you with infallible instincts for this sort of thing.

Also, hopefully, by then I will have something interesting to say!


Whimsy said...

Here's the thing... as much as I've SAID you're having a girl, I actually have the opposite feeling. I have had for the past few weeks, but have been so CHICKEN to tell you that I've kept quiet. I think boy. There is no reason for this - it's not even based on the factors you mentioned in your post. It's just a recent last-few-weeks sort of feeling. And I had the same feeling for A, and she's having a boy.

The end. Boy.

The beauty is that we'll be so excited just to hear 10 toes, 10 fingers that boy or girl will be just frosting on the blueberry bagel. Yay!

Jeff said...

It's a boy... I have my reasons, but I'm not sharing those here... But I'm 90% sure it's a boy... :)

Debbi said...

I've got to vote BOY!! Boys are just great to have first.

Tess said...

Argg, I wanted to say GIRL, but then you said you thought it was a BOY, so I'm going to have to go with BOY.

SH said...

This is a toughie ... I'm never good at these guessing things, but hey I've got 50/50 odds here ... so I'm going with GIRL! No real reasons except that you thought girl at first and I have a beautiful little girl so I know how awesome they can be and I want that for you too. (Not that boys aren't awesome too, but you know.) So mark me down for GIRL and come on Thursday!! :)

the MuLLinS said...

I'm definitely thinking this Child is a boy. Boys rock!! I think you'll agree, once you've had yours :) I will be checking the blog NEUROTICALLY Thursday, waiting for an update so you better bring a laptop to your ultrasound or something!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!