on 14 January 2008

We will return to your regularly scheduled and entertaining programming in a bit, but for the moment I need to whine.

I went 15 weeks with no Quease, no Sick, no anything pregnancy related. I was FINE! I SAILED! I was tired but I'm a seasoned insomniac, I can totally handle tired.

Friday my stomach got all wonky on me. 1 part heartburn to 2 parts nausea with a side seasoning of pain. It has remained so ALL weekend. I don't think I'd mind so much except--I AM WEEK 15, I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SICK NOW!!! In fact, if my Mayo clinic book has not lied to me I am supposed to be feeling BETTER not WORSE.

So I'm nursing ice water with lemon in the hopes that the tumminess will settle. And as I write this it is a bit better than it has's just puzzling. Why now? Maybe it's not pregnancy related, maybe I have a bug, where would I have gotten a bug? I didn't go anywhere this weekend? So maybe it's pregnancy after all, but I'm 15 weeks?!? Baby is supposed to be HAPPY now.

Alas. It is also Monday. Maybe it's just how I've internalized my loathing of my job of late. So, readers, distract me please. What did you do this weekend?

We bought our first piece of baby furniture--baby has nicer furniture than we do but it was on sale and a very decent price so we took the plunge. Changing table/dresser--check!


Whimsy said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling miserable. Could this be the raging heartburn that your sister promised you in place of The Quease? Yuck.

I wish my weekend recap was more thrilling than housework, To Do list, trip to Target, grocery shopping, and church. There was also a much-needed nap on Sunday.

the MuLLinS said...

Yaaaaahhhh, about those books.... I mean, they're nice to have for reference but they give you the false sense of 'pregnancies are patterned and predictable' when they're anything BUT that. Unfortunately. I also hit the 2nd trimester feeling WORSE, not better, than the first. I thought something must be terribly wrong with me but turns out there's not. At least not in that arena ;) LOVE YOU you're going to make it and when I say make it I mean a beautiful baby!! Awesome!!

Sarah said...

I can't wait until your ultrasound confirms what I have known all along. You are having a GIRL. They lull you into a false sense of serenity and comfort then BAM nausea galore when you're "not supposed to have it." Brats. I mean, little darlings. Please promise me you won't stick bows on her head with corn syrup. Okay, I know you wouldn't but peer pressure can be pretty intense. :) I can't WAIT to see you!