The Day after Yesterday

on 10 January 2008

Hi there.

Yesterday was my birthday.

I was thinking about how cool birthdays were when I was a kid. And, granted I'm a twin so it meant sharing everything, but still! Birthdays were awesome.

My mom is the 9th of 12 kids so her mom never made much out of birthdays so when my mom had kids, she made birthdays a BIG deal. We got breakfast in bed and special treats in our lunches and presents--they were generally practical, usually clothes, but still presents! She let us choose what we wanted for dinner and she would make us whatever we wanted, complete with CAKE. Very possibly the BEST part of our birthdays was the big homemade chocolate marble cake my mom would make. (She made me one this year too!)

Back in the day birthdays were a bigger deal than now, I suppose, because we were always hitting milestones. As adults, one year bleeds into the next with nothing to denote the passage of time...there's no sharp growth spurt, no increased skill or ability, nothing...just a number that says how long I've lived on this earth.

The Child isn't even here yet and already its birthday is a bigger deal to me than my own.

The Husband does what he can to make the birthday nice, but they just aren't a big deal to him. So, yesterday I worked, I went to the DMV, I went home, I ate nachos, I did the dishes and I went to bed. The Husband? He started back to classes, made chicken enchiladas for this family that we know who are having twins in a month and then did some homework, then came to bed.

We are party animals, no?

I'm not complaining. Really. I like being an adult. Well, except for going to the DMV. I like the freedom to choose what I'm going to do and when and how. I like my own space. There is the tiniest part of me that misses those days when birthdays weren't just nice, they were grand. I miss being the star of my family. Even if it was only once a year.


C said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Tess said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm one of those seemingly rare people who vastly prefers being an adult to being a kid.

Whimsy said...

You're always going to be a star in my family.

Happy birthday, again. CUPCAKES AT MY HOUSE IN SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!!