Destination: Ghost Town

on 28 December 2007

So. It's the Friday before New Year's weekend and guess who's here at work?!


And guess who else?

Yep. Only 2 other people. They work in a different suite and they're lovely. It's eerily quiet here. I went down to the lavatory and it was still dark from the cleaning people having cleaned it and turned off the lights last night. The only sound is the occasional warm up by the printer. I've read my morning news, pop culture updates and blogs for the now I'm left with this bizarre feeling of what to do?

All this spare time on my hands has left me contemplating new year's resolutions. I generally make them and forget them every year. It's tradition! This year I have a couple that I'm actually considering writing down because I actually want to keep them...

What about you all? Any resolutions you actually want to keep this year?


Tess said...

I'm here! Me!

Some stupid lady just called and told me that she needed an officer of the company to sign some paperwork today. I laughed bitterly in her face. Good luck with that!

I usually have some fitness-related resolution, but I honestly haven't thought about it yet this year.

Whimsy said...

Me too! I'm here too!

And I have absolutely no resolutions yet. I'm thinking the few I'll have will be basic stuff like losing baby pounds and continuing to learn... stuff.

My brain is working overtime today.