Better Now

on 15 January 2008

So the tummy thing...I think I have an answer! See. I'm a 3 meals a day kind of girl. Not really a snacker (except at my Sister's house because, dude, her house is the Nirvana of snack food), not a grazer, just a do what I have to do and every 4-5 hours eat something healthy. Well, mostly healthy. The Wife Pregnant version 1.o, she requires feeding and rebooting every 3 hours at least or the Tummy it is Distressed. So I find that I EAT all day long. It's annoying. And time consuming. But these are the hits that I take for The Child.

In the meantime, everyone should save themselves from The Belly. It is threatening to take over the world. I went from a pooch to a full on Muffin top! And those books? They LIE. Those nicely rounded little bellies that they show on the profiles? Yeah. That's not me. Well, unless you skip forward to about month 6! It's only mildly disappointing as I was really hoping to be a cute pregnant girl--like so many of my dear friends. Instead I look disgruntled. Disgruntled with a Costco sized Muffin top.

Alas, this is the post that went no where. For your momentary pleasure though, here is one moment of cuteness on our behalf. The Husband has started reading the collected Tales of Uncle Remus to the Child. Apparently, he grew up on Uncle Remus and he does the dialect and everything. It's hilarious to see him reading these tales and making the faces of the my belly. Alas, there is much in Uncle Remus that I cannot mostly I just lay there and try not to laugh. The Husband? He is adorable...I sincerely hope the Child gets its cute genes from him!


Tess said...

That eating thing happened to me too. I am normally a two-or-three meal a day person. I didn't like snacking AT ALL, but whaddya gonna do.

Whimsy said...

So cute! Chip's mom gave us that book for Christmas. Apparently they have banned it from all school libraries.


Sarah said...

I hope to hear some Remus while you guys are here. If you hear giggling outside you're door it's me listening in. :)