16 Weeks and counting

on 22 January 2008

So. If this is what I look like at 16 weeks... everyone should take cover because the belly will take over the world! I know. It doesn't seem that big. But it FEELS enormous. We don't have proper furniture, we have a futon in the living room and Bed Sweet Bed, but the futon is a futon, it kind of slops down towards the back so when I sit on it, I have to wriggle my way out of it. I know. It's graceful.

So this weekend. We didn't go to Baltimore as we had planned. Much to my disappointment. The Husband was sick and there was snow in the forecast so we opted to be safe responsible adults and stay home. Which we did. I read Harry Potter all weekend long. The Husband played computer and did homework. It was mildly depressing but rather restful. I caught his cold.

And now I'm back to work and he's back to school. Here's your entertainment for the morning, are you ready? We have an ultrasound scheduled for 1 week from Thursday. Theoretically we should be able to determine the gender. I want to know. Please do not talk to me about surprises. I need to PLAN.

Anyway. So I had this dream Sunday night...and frankly, dreams are just very VERY vivid being pregnant. Anyway, in my dream we were at the ultrasound and they were looking at the Child and all of a sudden the Child looks right at the camera and says, "Mom. Get me a crib!" And then the doctor went back to blah blah blah inches long, everything normal.

Naturally, I woke in a state of panic.

We went back to Babies R Us and made the final selection for the crib and mattress. The Husband has promised to placate my subconscious by purchasing selected items this week and setting them up before The Birth. I am ok with this. Apparently, so is the Child as there were no more weird dreams. The Child isn't even here yet and it's already bossing me around...we're doomed.


Whimsy said...

Of all the days to have my browser NOT displaying images... I WANT TO SEE THE BELLY!

Tess said...

Oh, you are SO CUTE. I cannot wait to find out! EEEEEE! I mean, assuming you'll tell US.

The Wife said...

Of course I'm telling you! Like I could really keep all the gender stereotyping fun to myself!

Whimsy said...

Okay - browser is now cooperating. CUTE BELLY!

Kristi B said...

fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!! Love the dream! Bossy, be prepared for a BURNS GIRL!!!You are in for it. Love Ya.