Welcome to Spring

on 05 May 2010

I often wonder what Spring looks like to those lucky people who don't suffer from seasonal allergies.  It must be lovely.  All that sunshine and pretty flowers and the refreshingly warm breeze after the cold of winter...

And yet.

I have allergies.  Chris has allergies.  And between the two of us we sneezed the world clean.  So it's hardly surprising that around these parts, Spring looks a lot like this:

Laying prostrate at the back door? check!  
blanket?  check!  
tractor? check!  
paci? (and yes, we have a date set to quit the paci cold turkey, it will be sad, but it must be.) check!  

Poor kid.  He LOVES to be outside, he loves to chase the birds and the dogs being walked by their people.  He loves to race down the slope into the mote that abuts our apartment and then race up up UP the other side.  He loves to emphatically point to the cars and then hunker down next to me practicing "vroom vroom vroom" under his breath.

Sadly, whatever pollen is currently swinging freely in the air has laid us mostly flat.  Poor Chris was sneezing so badly he took benadryl to try to combat it and get some work done.  I take my trusty Zyrtek but the Boy can't take anything just yet.  So I follow him around with tissues and when he gets drippy and I'm not near by he finds me and points to his nose and grimaces and says, "ew ew ew."

And I quite agree with him.  ew.


Sarah said...

Confession: I give James Claritin. My pediatrician told me I could. (Off the record.) And it helps A LOT. Allergies are so mean! Just when it gets pretty outside the air becomes toxic. Poo.

Before you know it summer will be here and all the plant sex will be over. Then, of course, it will be smoldering but at least we won't be sneezing. Right???

Bird said...

Lets talk about quitting the paci cold turkey because we know we have to and we know we should do it soon but we're weak and stalling. Tell me your plan. Also: Sorry about the allergies, spring is really nice.