Welcome to Wherever You Are

on 09 April 2010

Let me tell you what it's like in our house lately:

Me:  Hey, Boy--did you poop?
The Boy:  MEOW!

Me:  Do you need a clean diaper?
The Boy:  MEOW!

Me:  Want a banana this morning?
The Boy:  MEOW!

Me:  How about some cereal and milk?
The Boy:  MMMM.  BAY-BEE!
(His cereal is Mighty Bites by Kashi and shaped like little people.)

Me:  We're going to Target this morning, wanna come too?
The Boy:  MEOW!

Me:  Hey, Where's Daddy?  (Usually when I ask this, he runs to the door and says, Bye-Bye.  It's pitiful and adorable all at the same time.)

Me:  What should we eat for dinner?  Want some leftover raviolis?
The Boy:  MEOW!!

Me:  I'm sorry, son.  We don't eat cat in this country.

Love to you all.  Have a great weekend!


Emily said...

Oh, I miss that little guy!! Please, let's plan something. I miss you and your family.

Erin P said...

It may seem like a long wait, but eventually there will be actual conversations....lol.