A Random Collection of What's in my Head

on 20 April 2010

Hi there.

Miss me?

It's been busy busy busy here and I haven't had time to write anything cohesive but I feel bad not writing anything at all, so I thought I would just assemble this random mish-mash in my head and let y'all sort it out at your leisure.

  • I've given up my goal of reading 12 previously un-read by me books this year.  It's a hard year.  It's been a hard year.  I'm giving myself leave to reread to my heart's content this year and will try to do better next year.  That said, I'm up to my elbows in a series of novels that is less than...academic.  The first time I read them was the summer between my first and second years of grad school.  I had done the reading and prep work for the course I was to teach in the fall and had some time on my hands.  I literally laid, sat, lounged and read these books for the remaining 8 weeks of summer.  It was AWESOME.  The only problem is that when I reread them, I want to repeat the original experience and dag-nab-it but LIFE keeps getting in the way of my LOUNGING.
  • I started running again.  What they say about muscle memory is true.  I didn't do ANYTHING at ALL, all winter long, and yet, it hasn't been bad at all.    I bought the Runner's World guide for women runners and I'm doing their 6 week training plan.  It's going well.  Not sore, no injuries.  I keep telling myself that my other muscles remember running so when my heart feels like it's going to collapse in a heap, I remind it that it is also a muscle and should remember that we used to do this.
  • The Boy is getting more words here and there.  So far he says, pickle, daddy, purple, baby, chicken, bubble, peaches, whale, bye-bye, meow, and uh-oh.  He has other words that he uses for things-- goooo for pool, dat for that, buh for bird, dooo for shoes, BO for milk, choo-choo for train, geee for green,  ray-rays for raisins, ree-bees for frogs (he's going for ribbit there) and vroom for car.  He doesn't say no but rather shakes his head.  It's pretty amusing.  I keep thinking about when we went off the pill.  How freaked out I was.  And then when I got pregnant, I was scared scared scared.  And then when we brought him home and I cried and cried because I didn't know what I was doing.  And now I love him so much I can't imagine my life without him.
  • Last night the Boy and I were hanging out waiting for Chris to come home for work.  We were both sitting in a big chair and cuddling and I was amusing myself by making odd faces at the Boy and he would try to imitate them and I would laugh hysterically and then he would laugh and then we would start all over again.  Who needs TV?
  • My parents have been here this past weekend.  We had a great time!  The Boy especially.  He adores his grandparents and given how they dote and spoil him ROTTEN it's not hard to imagine why.  If they had treated me like that when I was a kid I NEVER would have left home.  But since they did NOT and I DID leave home, I have Chris and the Boy and a whole apartment full of books and a whole head full of cool but not terribly practical things I've learned.  It's a pretty fair trade.  
  • I got an email from my brother.  He's...um...abroad...for his work...and while I know where he is I'd really rather not say because I am DISCREET like that.
  • We're counting down how much time Chris has left at the hospital.  He's beyond ready to be done.  I'm ready for him to move on too.  And while I shan't miss Brunswick in the least, I shall miss my very lovely friends that I've made here.  I want to wrap them up and put them in my pockets and take them with me.  Also their adorable children who are much beloved of my Boy and I.  I was reorganizing in the Boy's closet the other day (packing up clothes which are too small for him but which fit him just FINE last summer) and I started to think about it and sat myself down and had a good cry right there.  I came here dead-set against making new friends and putting down anything resembling a root.  I wasn't going to break my heart again in saying good-bye.  And yet.  Here I am again.  I'm starting to wonder if it's just an inevitable part of human life.
  • There's nothing like a boy HOWLING at the top of his lungs at 6:30 in the morning to get you up and out of a warm cozy bed to go run at DAWN.  I had planned to laze in bed for another hour and then go for a long walk at the park with the Boy instead of running but with that HOWL, I plopped him in his father's shower and went running instead.  
  • Our anniversary is coming up and we have no plans so far.  Any suggestions?  We've talked about trying to take the weekend away...do something fun the 3 of us.  But since neither of us is planning anything what will likely happen is that we'll get Thai food for take out and watch a movie.  We are wild and crazy cats that way.
Well, I was going to try to come up with a 10th but all I can think about is the stuff that I need to get done that I'm not doing because I'm trying to come up with a 10th so I'm just off to get stuff done.

Peace out.


Bird said...

For our anniversary we usually go to dinner some night around the actual date. For some reason, one of us is always busy on the date itself. When we got married we had grand plans of going away for the weekend each year. Its nice to dream. Thai and movie actually sounds kinda nice.

Susannah said...

So many thoughts came to mind... Love random mish-mashes (hence my blog), Personally, I've reluctantly taken to the e-book ipod method of reading because that's the only time I have to read anymore, I feel weirdly sentimental every time I visit and leave Brunswick, as well. Those darn great people. Life and lounging... why can't the two mix? I want to know where your brother is. Discreet is such a funny word. And yes, I missed you.

Rae said...

I miss you terribly, too. Watching my sister go through her early twenties makes me sentimental for you.

What series of books are you reading? If I were near, I'd offer to swap days with the boys, so we could alternate Life/Lounge days.