Monday Chuckles

on 03 May 2010

I have this list.

It's not anything I have written down, and it's not a serious, working list.  It's more something that I shake my head over and when Chris climbs into Bed Sweet Bed in the evening I regale him with tales from My List.

It's a short (but growing) list of Things I Wish I Had Not Taught My Child.

For Today here is what's on the list:

  • I wish I had not taught him that toy cars can drive up legs and arms.  I thought it might feel like a massage but it doesn't.  It feels like being run over.
  • I wish I had not taught him that birds chirp and crow.  I thought it would be cute and endearing like the MEOW, but alas, it's loud and my head sort of hurts.
  • I wish I hadn't let him see where I keep the chocolate.  
And just for your enjoyment, here's another list of Things He Came Up With All on his Own:
  • When he wants "some" of whatever you have, instead of asking, he taps his forefinger on his tray until you dole out his own serving.  If you don't respond quickly enough the tapping becomes more insistent.  If you still don't respond he moves from tapping his tray to tapping his tongue. 
  • He calls the aforementioned chocolate "peese" because I try to use refined sugar to teach my child to ask nicely.  
  • When I wink at him, he squishes his eyes up.  And yes, it's every bit as adorable as you may imagine.

 And yes, one day I fully expect to die from such cuteness.


    Sarah said...

    Oh my word. That's a cute face. It's good that you use refined sugar for noble purposes. :) I just use it to get a minute to myself!

    The kids just saw the picture in the background. Alayna said "he's so cute!" and Jacob said "funny baby!"

    I agree.

    Bird said...

    Its awful but I told Fussbot that the cookies are for daddy and since he has a hero worship thing going on with his father he won't touch them or ask for them. I just eat them when he's not looking. I know, its so wrong.

    Karen said...

    Oh my, I might just die from the cuteness of that little face!!!! That is too funny about the chocolate!