Hi, there.

on 29 April 2010


Well, the new digs are set up.  I'll import Burnstopia over here in another week or so, that way all of the archives will be in one place.  So for most of you, the changes are merely aesthetic.  The reason for the move is...well...it's complicated.  Suffice it to say that there's been some mighty changes this past year.  A move I resisted, the hellish residency, travels, and then...well, a fairly substantial falling out.  I found that to feel safe again I needed some relocation.

It is my nature, when I feel hurt and scared and sad, I hide.  The instinct fades as time passes, but it's necessary to obey that particular instinct if I am to continue to function in the rest of my life.

I'm hoping that with the new digs I'll feel more comfortable writing again.  It's been a hard few months.  My brain feels like a clogged drain.  So much in there and yet so unable to move any of it at all.  My friend Ellie gave me the idea for changing the blog and I'm hoping that acts as Drano on the clog and I'm able to process more.

As for now, if you need some refreshing on who we are and what we do here, browse the archives...I'm hoping to have some news for you all soon...on something, anything.  We're working on so many things over here that it would be mighty nice if something were to progress!