Fun Friday: the Grandparents!

on 27 November 2009

Suffice it to say, we did absolutely nothing this weekend.

We cooked.  We ate.  We talked and chatted and laughed and read.

We did NOT shop.  We did NOT go out and do anything on the town.

Chris and I DID have a proper date night!  My folks watched the Boy and let him stay up too late, but loved watching him play.

We DID put up the Christmas tree and lo, the Boy LOVES it.  I've put the non-breakable ornaments down low and he can rearrange them at will.  Mostly he just wants to pull them off and follow me around with them shouting with GLEE.

It was a lovely weekend.  Peaceful and relaxed and gloriously imperfect.  I told Chris that I want that to be our family tradition, on all holidays--no perfection.  Just FUN.

I'll write a proper, detailed update for next week, for now, I've got some cuddling to do.

smooches for everyone....