Back on the Ground

on 10 October 2009


I'm back.

Back in NC that is. My Boy is spoiled rotten and FOUL (with me, he thinks my mom is made of GOLD). We're both exhausted and climbing in the car tomorrow to drive all the way back to GA.

THEN! We get two whole days off and we're off AGAIN! Because I took my extra dose of CRAZY this month.

BUT! I have a TON of new blog posts, some that will be written and posted over the next week, and some that cannot be written but oh how I WISH they could! I shall list them all for your amusement, because after 3 days amusing myself to death, I'm so full of the love for all of you that I'm just going to give give give like the little stream.

For now, I need to go gently wake my sleepy Boy so that he can eat dinner and have a bath and then bed again. I need stretchy pants and curling up on my parents remarkably cozy couch to numb my mind with some television.

So what are your plans for Saturday night?


Sarah said...

The exact same plan - except with Layne! :)

I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures! I've been wondering about you and your nob. Is it hobbed off?

Whimsy said...

And where are we off to when we get back to Georgia, hmm?

My Saturday night consisted of some time spent in the yard with Chip and Alice, dinner for Alice, bed for Alice, and then a bunch of work for my church calling while Chip and I watched a movie. We are WILD AND CRAZY over here.

Sibley Saga .... said...

My plans were to rest and relax. I took a dose of CRAZY, too. We're moving when I'm about 33 wks along. Crazy, no? Still. I'm glad to get it over with before baby comes.

Can't wait to hear some NY stories!