Late Night Lovliness

on 28 September 2009

It's been an expensive Summer.

Chris and I are not extravagant people. We like to be financially responsible. We're savers and only occasional spenders. We research purchases. We seldom buy clothes and Chris shaves his head while I get my hair cut once a year.

That said, it's been an expensive Summer. We moved and moving costs money. We bought a new car. I've lost some weight necessitating the purchase of some new clothes. Chris had to buy suits for work. And now we've got this trip to New York and another trip right behind it and then on to the Holidays!

Needless to say we're feeling slightly nauseous.

Why do I mention this? Because late Thursday night, after working a 14 hour day, Chris came in to Bed Sweet Bed where I lay, unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep, and sat down next to me and said, "Do I want to spend $300 on my lovely wife?" And I said, "ON WHAT?!?" And he smiled slightly and said, "A really crappy seat to the U2 concert in Raleigh on October 3rd. You'll be in town to visit and I know you love them and have been dying to see them again."

It was so sweet it took me a minute.

I said no, of course. Of all the things we could spend $300 on, me going to a concert by myself is not one of them. Even if it is U2. My most favoritest band in all the world. And I hear the show is AMAZING. But no.

But this gesture is so typical of Chris. We live our quiet, routine lives and then, one quiet sleepless evening he creeps up on me and BAM! Grand GESTURE! As if the nightly back rubs and the weekend early morning shifts so that I can sleep in aren't enough. As if the 14 hour days are not enough. As if Arabella and New York were not enough.

I'm a lucky girl. Just thought you'd want to know.


the MuLLinS said...

You are a lucky girl, your Chris is just so sweet. Hug him BIG for me and KISS that little man of yours for me and go on being the cutest, happiest little family ever.

Tori said...

OH, I wish I could help you out! I'm going to see U2 in Atlanta next Tuesday, but really, I'm only going to see Muse. If it were possible for me to sneak out after Muse, pass you my ticket, and let you sneak in with it, I SO WOULD. Is that possible? I don't even know. But I would do it for someone who loves U2. Is this possible? I should find out if this is feasible...we could plot something adventurous.

Katrina said...

very, very sweet. :-)

Emily said...

U2 concerts are the greatest. I went to the POP concert in 1997 and I would totally go again, but definitely not for $300. (Last time was with a guy that I'd already broken up with, but he'd already asked me if I wanted to go. Of course, I still had him take me!)

Very, very thoughtful and sweet of Chris.

Whimsy said...

Oh this is just so wonderful. What a sweet, sweet man.