We have Arrived

on 05 October 2009

We're here.

The Boy was awesome. Many prayers were said and heard and answered. And here is a brief list of what I've learned:

  • October is Road Kill Fest on I-95, I saw 4 dead dear, 2 dead foxes, 2 dead opossums and 1 dead and decidedly still recognizable golden retriever. And yes, it made me SAD.
  • A mylar balloon is all it takes to win my Boy over. And endless snack cups.
  • Singing will save your life every time. I sang myself hoarse after 7 hours in the car.
  • Nobody spoils quite like the Grandparents. They had completely won him over within 10 minutes.
  • Some things never change. Home is one of them.

Tomorrow I'm off to catch up with lovely friends. Tuesday is laundry and lots of hugs and kisses for the Boy. Wednesday, off I go...


the MuLLinS said...

YAY for grandparents... seriously, the best idea Heavenly Father ever had. Glad things are going well, I know Cameron's going to be awesome with your parents-- in fact, just prepare yourself for him to be so awesome that he really doesn't even miss you. It's a sad, sad fact of life but Thatcher would probably drop me anytime to go hang out with his Bonga and Pa. Oh well, isn't it awesome to see your parents love your child though? I love it! LOVE YOU TOO!

Sarah said...

Yay for balloons in the car! Yay for safe arrivals! Yay for home!

Have fun. :)