on 25 September 2009

No, not a plan for Fun Friday...I still have no idea what to do, it's all sort of getting swept up in other PLANS.

Chris has been asked to attend a conference in New York, New York the second week in October. I was also invited, but the Boy was NOT invited. Chris has never been to New York, and I haven't been there for a number of years. So the parents were asked, my Mom has accepted the challenge of spoiling the Boy ROTTEN for 3 days so that his parents can go and spend 3 days in New York and NOT have to pay for the hotel or one of the plane tickets. BARGIN!

And so we're planning the trip. Making lists of what we would like to see and what we MUST see. Making lists of places or foods that we want to eat, people we want to meet, and things we want to do. We're putting together clothes that aren't stained by the Boy and whatever it is that children seem to accumulate on their hands. (Seriously, why are children ALWAYS sticky? Even when you don't give them anything sweet or sugary or sticky in anyway!)

And while we're both excited for the trip, I'm also more than a little freaked out. We've never left the Boy overnight before. I know he'll be fine, my Mom will spoil him rotten, but...but...but...Mah Baaaay-beeee!

But...but...but...My Husband.

We're not great at the regular date night thing. We usually do dinner and relax together, but it's usually after the Boy is in bed (of course, he goes to bed at 6 so it's still fairly early). And since we're not great at the regular date night (OUT) thing, we are set on doing weekends away periodically. New York will be the first. (I guess Asheville was the first, but the Boy came with us then, so I'm not sure if it counts...)

So far our plans consists of eating bagels every day. Chris wants to go to Katz's deli and to Chinatown. I want to see the Met. We would love to see Ellis Island, but there's no time. We only have 3 days, and really, Chris only has 3 half days since he has to attend the conference as well. We'll probably try to see part of the Natural History museum, the EXTREME Mammals sounds very cool. I'm working on a list of smaller, more specialized things I'd like to do while Chris is at the conference--Ukrainian Folk Art museum, anyone? There will be business dinners and who knows what else--I can only assume I shall be expected to behave appropriately.

I'm so flustered trying to cobble together 3 days of clothes and dresses that would be appropriate and contemplating a hair cut (it's been a YEAR...well, almost a YEAR) and I may even SPLURGE and get that long awaited pedicure. Chris is all in favor of the spoiling since I have to walk onto a metal TUBE of DEATH in order to get to New York and I have to FLY ALONE. Can you smell the panic in the air?


Sibley Saga .... said...

Hmm. The closest association I've had with things like nice clothes, a good haircut, and acceptable nails are all through strictly daydreaming. Wish I could help with fun advice.

It does however sound like a FANTASTIC trip!

Emily said...

Be careful!! Once done, leaving is a whole lot easier in the future. Brad's made me (I say made because I do tend to cry) leave a baby as early as 2 weeks to go on a date (out)!! That first time is always a killer, but I get used to it! :) Enjoy!! (I'm hoping that one of these visits from my parents that I can take Brad to S.F. for an overnighter.)

Whimsy said...

I'm so excited for you, I could just SPIT! ...if a person spits out of pure joy.