The List of the Boy's Eccentricities

on 01 October 2009

Unfortunately, the Boy's eccentricities are far less entertaining than my own. And it is perhaps when his eccentricities are seen in context with mine that they become FAR more entertaining. But since I'm here for YOU, here is the list.

  • He hates to poop in his diaper. We've already covered this one.
  • He hates cold milk--it should be warm or NOTHING.
  • He likes to pull the blanket over his face when he's falling asleep, which means that about an hour after things get quiet I have to go in there and uncover his face. Most of the time, he's already worked his way out, but you know...I still like to check.
  • He enjoys a refreshing drink (or 8) of his own bath water. Because Baby Boy Broth, mildly seasoned, is delicious.
  • He doesn't care if his food touches (this one drives me CRAZY), in fact, he happily mixes the broccoli with the chicken with the eggs with the fruit and if he spills water over the whole thing, Oh well! Less chewing! La la LAAAA! (Meanwhile, I'm trying not to make Mama is Grossed Out Over Here faces.)
  • He likes to move objects from one container in to another. Apparently, most kids like to just take stuff OUT of containers, mine likes to reorganize. Go figure.
  • He hates to have his bottom teeth brushed. He likes the top ones brushed, but if you try to brush the bottom ones you get a lot of clenched jaw and the tongue pushing the tooth brush OUT. (Yes, we fight him on this one to get the job done.)
  • He has a Toy of the Day (over and above his binkit, that is, his blanket). At some point in the morning he picks one Toy that becomes the Magical Object of the Day and if he drops it or loses it or is in any way divided or sundered from this Toy, then WOE, WOE to Boy! (And it's totally obscure things too, like a chapstick or an unused key chain or a travel pack of tissues.)
  • He loves to look out the window but gets freaked out when he sees the wind moving the trees and the plants. And yes, I have tried to explain to him that it's just the wind and nothing to be scared of, but he's what? almost 15 months, he can't quite grasp that concept yet. In the meantime, I sit next to him and he holds on to the collar of my shirt with a Death Grip by turns captivated and terrified. (We went outside Tuesday afternoon because the weather was bearable and he made the connection between the wind and the plants moving and it was adorable to see him warm up to the friendly waving plant!)
  • Like all kids, he loves to read the same couple of books over and over and over and over again, but really it's just certain PAGES that he likes. For example, in Goodnight Moon, it's the page that is "good night stars, good night air..." and in The Going to Bed Book it's the last page that says, "The moon is high, the sea is deep, they rock and rock and rock to sleep." And in the Very Hungry Caterpillar he just endures the other pages in order to get to SATURDAY. He'll put both hands palm down on either side of the Saturday Page and hold it there for 10 minutes if allowed. He pokes his right index finger into each and every hole SEVERAL times. He takes particular delight in the "1 piece of chocolate cake" and "1 slice of swiss cheese". I don't know why.
  • The Boy is a Fruit Bandit. (Though, I'm not sure if this counts as an eccentricity so much as something that just sort of irritates me, but also makes me happy and so I'm complaining/bragging about it.) We have fruit every afternoon for a snack and he eats whatever I give him, usually it's bananas because they are his favorite. And I prefer apples, so lately he's taken to shoving every piece of banana in his mouth and then begging for my apple. I'm so happy that he begs for healthy food that, of course, I give it to him. But then! He shoves a big bite of apple in his mouth and continues to beg until he has big bites in each fist and as soon as his mouth is empty he shoves one handful in the now empty mouth and comes begging for ANOTHER handful. And this repeats until the apple is gone. Greedy little fruit bandit, isn't he?
I'm sure there's more, but I'm hungry and he's hungry and I really should feed us both. So, now it's your turn, in what ways are your kids eccentric?


Whimsy said...

Fantastic list!!!! Love it!!!!

Especially Baby Boy Broth. Alice is quite fond of the same, though in her case, it is Small Girl Soup.

Bean eccentricities? Too many to register here. A few I'll share: her love for ANY group of similar objects (a group of crayons, a pile of Breathe Right Nose Strips, a handful of sugar packets, a bag of outlet covers). It's so funny and weird. She also loves to count things, though her version of "counting" is to say TWO, TWO, TWOOOOOOO, on maniacal repeat.

Aren't kids the best?

Bird said...

I'm lauging because so many on our list is the same: the blanket on the face (though he rubs the satin part on his eyes), bath broth (at least I know he's getting liquid), fruit, FRUIT (the obsession is getting rediculous) and the holes in the Catepillar book (what's with that?) They are so odd, but still so fun.