Lists: The New York Versions

on 02 October 2009


I am getting in my car tomorrow and driving 7 hours north.

With a 14 month old child.

Just the two of us. The whole way. Pray for us sinners.

And because of a sense of my impending doom, I'm feeling lazy as a blogger, and so I am presenting you with the variety of lists floating about in my grey matter regarding this trip. Enjoy!

Things to do in North Carolina:

  • Visit with Mom and Dad and get the Boy acclimated to their house.
  • See my lovely sister and her charming children.
  • Catch up with some lovely friends.
  • Pop in at former workplace to catch up with lovely friends.
  • Get ice cream with another lovely friend--Hi, Mona! You never comment but I KNOW your out there!
  • Get a pedicure with my Mom.
  • Visit with my Grandma
  • Stare into the face of my child and hold and cuddle him before I have to climb into a giant metal tube of death for the flight to New York.
Things to do with Chris in New York:
  • Walk around and people watch.
  • go for Chinese food in Chinatown with Chris' friend Dave.
  • Go to the Met
  • Go to the Natural History museum
  • Eat my weight in bagels (what?)
  • schmooze, mingle, network, hob our nobs off.
Things to do by myself in New York:
  • Ukrainian museum
  • attempt to acquire a knock-off bag (apparently the wife of a coworker knows how to go about doing this and thinks it would be a great adventure for us. I am scared. I have no wish to be kidnapped and sold into white slavery. I am a nice girl, I pay my taxes and have insurance and abide by traffic laws.)
  • attempt to make my way to a section of town known as Little Odessa. It's the Russian section, there are supposedly loads of great Russian bookstores, music store and Russian restaurants. I have no idea where it is or how to get there, but I do have a MAP.
  • consider going for a run in Central Park just to be able to say I did it.
  • Go and see Ground Zero and think.

And now your job begins. I provide you with FREE entertainment and occasionally thought provoking reading material, I need you to tell me what I'm forgetting!


Kim B said...

Part of my key to enjoying New York is to look and act like you know what you are doing even if you don't. You learn to put on your New York attitude and go! Enjoy all the fun things to see.
Kim Bradley

Sarah said...

I am so jealous! You are going to have such a wonderful time!!! Mmm...chinese food in Chinatown. Mmmmmmm.

Just so you know - leaving Cameron is going to be much harder than you think. But you can do it. And you should. Just know it's going to be very hard.

But you'll get over it, and you'll have a great time. Eat a bagel for me!!!

SH said...

Well, me thinks your list is complete since this was included:

"Pop in at former workplace to catch up with lovely friends."

Can't wait to see you! And I know you are going to have a blast in NYC!!

Oh, seriously, one thing you did forget - TAKE LOTS OF PICS!! :)

Kristi B said...

BASS!!! Did you say BAGS!!! Hook me up, girl. Oh, and do you still like your haircut? Love ya.

Bird said...

What about wandering around central park? Or finding a nice spot under a tree with a good book and people watch in the park? Also, I love walking (aimlessly) just looking around and getting lost in the street. Also Madison and Columbus are two great streets to walk up and down. Have fun!