Oh me Oh my Oh CAR...Finally

on 19 August 2009

It's taken a month or more, but Burnstopia is finally a two car family.

(And for the record we've loved being a one-car family. We love saving on gas and insurance. We love running errands together. We have NOT loved climbing into the backseat to get the Boy strapped into his car seat. And the Boy and I have not really enjoyed being stuck at home all day every day because Chris takes the Beetle to work. And there's no public transportation in Brunswick, so a second car is a necessity rather than a convenience.)

You know those car commercials. The ones where the husband buys the wife the car and brings her out to see it and it has the big red bow and she gives him a big ol' hug and it just looks so FUN? Well, it really IS.

Not that there was a big red bow, there wasn't. And I knew we were going to get this car, I knew what she looked like and all her lovely bits, but I didn't know we would have her on Monday. I thought some time this week, but Monday, Chris went to the dealership to put down a deposit and he came home with KEYS. I was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner and he came in and grinned and said, "Will you take me to go get the beetle?" and he dropped the keys out of his hand and I squealed. Of course I did. I haven't had a car of my own for the past 3 plus years and here my man brings home KEYS and gives them to ME. I started to tear up. It was a long day and this absolutely made it AWESOME. I love my man.

awwww. His and Hers.

We test drove the Toyota Rav-4 and the Honda CRV. Chris was pretty set on having a small SUV. I just wanted something to get me out of the house and round about town. Thanks to the Cash for Clunkers program the Toyota and Honda dealerships cleared out their inventory while Chris and I were being indecisive. But, thanks to the wretched salesman at Toyota we decided to go with the Honda.

(There isn't much difference between the two. Instead of comparing apples and oranges it's like comparing gala apples with braeburn--both good, both reddish and sweet, it's a matter of taste.)

Chris ended up talking to a really nice salesman at Honda who actually made some phone calls and found us the CRV of our choice and negotiated a trade with another dealership so that we wouldn't have to pay a delivery fee. I'm tempted to call the Toyota salesman and tell him the story and say, "And THAT'S how you treat a customer!" But I shall not. I shall save my energy for planning some fun things to do OUT of the house for Fun Fridays!

Just how new is she? Check out that odometer.
I have NEVER driven a car with so few miles on it before. In my LIFE.

I'll be the primary driver of said CRV for the next few years. And keeping with tradition, she needs a name. She's silver with grey interior, she's roomy and comfortable but standoffish. She's safe and handles well, but a bit snooty. And you would be correct in assuming that I'm thinking of a literary character or maybe a historical figure...


the MuLLinS said...

LOVE Hondas. LOVE CRV's. I'm loving this car, congratulations Burnstopia!! How exciting, a new addition to the family! I'm excited to hear what you choose for her name.

Amy said...


~SH~ said...

Aww SQUEE!!! How exciting! And she's a beauty!! :)

Now for the long part of my comment .. just because I have to share my crappy car salesman story because it is awesome too. So, I wanted a Ford Escape. Had my mind made up. Found one I LOVED at Ford Dealership #1. Crappy salesman - not willing to work with me to get the payment affordable. Goodbye. So we head to Ford Dealership #2 in town. They had one that was OK but also 4WD so more expensive. Being the nice salesmen that THEY were there, they looked around at other Ford Dealership inventories. Couldn't find anything so we were about to leave empty handed. Boo. :( *cue lightbulb in Sarah's head!* I asked them about the one I LOVED at FD#1 and if they would be able to sell me that one and bada bing bada boom. They made the payment affordable and lo and behold - she was mine! The best part ... GOING TO PICK IT UP AND TAKE THE KEYS FROM THE CRAPPY SALESMAN WHO COULD HAVE SOLD IT TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Oh sweet victory!!

Sorry for the long comment but as I hope you can see, that story is worth sharing! :)

Whimsy said...

All Hail The New Car!

Hmmm... I'm wondering about a Jane Austen character perhaps? Would Elizabeth be too sacred? Perhaps Fanny?

Will continue to think on this.

Katrina said...

Yay! I've never driven a car that new either. Congrats!a

Karen said...

Oh she's a beaut!!!! Remember "the monstrosity" we drove in Seattle? We upgraded and got a Nissan Altima, jet black, nice and roomy for the last 2 months. What a disappointment to come home to our old car. Well, really, what a disappointment to come home at all! I miss Seattle so much!!!
Anyway, I want a new car too!!! But it's a want, not a need.
Plus I don't get a say, right. Because Dave is the one doing all the work, making all the money for this family right ;P

Rebecca Gunter said...

I bought a CRV last year and it hasn't let me down yet. Good choice.

Bird said...

We alsmost bought a CRV last year when we thought the Accord was on its last leg.

Any of these work for names?
Cleo (from cleopatra)
Betty (though she's not a ford)
Its a little hard not knowing your name style. Let us know what you decide on!