Enter the Psychoanalyst

on 18 August 2009

I've been having some weird dreams lately. No, I'm not pregnant, but the dreams are WEIRD.

And since I have no idea what any of them mean, I thought I would post them here and let all you amateur psychoanalyst have at it in the comments section.

For the record, I tend to sleep in fits and spurts--for 2-3 hour increments. 8 uninterrupted hours? Yeah, that's not me. Nearly all of the dreams that I remember occur between the hours of 5 and 7 am (when I give up and get up with the Boy).

Anyway, on to the dreams.

Dream 1: I'm rock-climbing. Not completely uncharacteristic of me, I've climbed some rocks in my day. But just as I reach the top the rock starts to crumble to sand and I have to pick my way down to the bottom (no ropes, natch) as the whole rock/cliff-face/mountain crumbles into sand around me. I make it to the bottom, but just barely.

Dream 2: I am a vampire (I have no idea where this is coming from as I am happily a vegetarian) and on a killing spree. I come across a very skinny girl who pleads to be transformed into a vampire. I acquiesce, for reasons I do not know, but when I bite into her arm, her blood is turquoise and royal blue and instead of becoming a vampire she collapses into nothing but bones and that horrible blue blood.

Dream 3: I'm making bread. It starts off well, the flour, the water, the yeast. But as I knead the dough it starts to crumble back to separate ingredients--the flour, the water, the yeast start to crumble out of the dough. I add more water and try to bring it back together and it comes together again only to fall apart again. And as I add ingredients to bring the dough back together it grows and grows and grows and keeps falling apart. I wake up having no idea what went wrong.

Have at it. What's wrong with me? And how do I get some decent sleep?


Robbie said...

Sisyphus at best. At worst, you feel that you work hard to get things together, to move forward, to do what needs to be done only to have it all fall apart on you in a manner beyond your control. To really interpret a dream, though, you'd have to tell us how you feel in it and if you are waking up with some sort of emotional reaction to it. I'd guess that you feel frustration in the vampire dream (the one in which your persona is more one of dominance) and anxiety in the other two. I'd also guess that these feelings are fairly strong or you'd not be posting this.

On a side note, if you are having vivid dreams then it means that you are descending too quickly into REM and probably being interrupted before ending a sleep cycle. I'd recommend getting up and doing stretches between spurts of sleep.

M said...

I don't think frustration is the right word.

I felt FREAKED out.

In all cases. It was all just so unnatural, so WRONG that I woke up feeling Disturbed to say the least.

Once I wrote them out I realized that they all had to do with creation or completion and the dissolution of that, but I still can't figure out how that has any connection to my current reality.

It's all WEIRD. WEIRD I say.

Sarah said...

Whoa. Are you sure you're not pregnant? Those are freaky. Seriously.

Whimsy said...

Creation and completion is ALL ABOUT your current reality. The Boy and his creation, the realities of being a mother, and the life you are trying to create for you and yours right now.

The life you created back in NC was something you worked very hard for, and you left it behind to move on to this other life in GA.

Makes sense to me. The key is to know that you **will** be able to create a life that you will love; it will be different, but it will still be lovely. You have all the right ingredients, and you have all the right tools. Give it time.

...And btw, if you are even contemplating starting another, new, BABY life, **ahem**, even **thinking** about it (I'm not saying you are, but just in case...), it would make sense that these dreams would also be reflecting that. Worry over being able to complete the task, to pull it together, to make it work when you are worried about your foundation. So says Dr. Whimsy.

Katrina said...

I agree with the others.

Hope your sleep gets better!