Fun Friday--Resume

on 14 August 2009

That's resume, re-zooooom, as in a resumption of activities, not resume like a CV or other summary document commonly used for job applications.

Last Friday (otherwise known as Day Two of Burnstopia Internet Deprivation) was a VERY successful Fun Friday. And since it worked so well, I am here to share it with you! Because I am kind-hearted and giving in that way.

Alas, there are no pictures. I'm giving, but not THAT giving.

I was up to my elbows in parenting books (and no, I shall not be doing any reviews because everyone's parenting style is their own) and wanted to keep reading but wanted to do something fun for the Boy at the same time. And so, the Original PlayStations was born!

We have a big, but long, main living area. The dining room's connected to the living room bone, the living room's connected to the sun room bone...etc. Anyway, I wanted to capitalize on this space and the Boy's need to be movingmovingmoving all the time. So I selected some of his toys (books, plastic foods, stacking cups, balls, his Tonka walking toy, some soft animals and his blanket and Monte bear) and set up stations throughout the space. I tried to match the toys with the specific space. So the plastic food went in the dining room, the stacking cups in the kitchen, the books near a book shelf, the animals near the cat post, and his blanket and Monte bear I kept by me so that he could come over and stop and have a cuddle as he wanted.

May I just brag for a moment and say, he LOVED it. And this was no, loved it for 30 minutes and no longer, he played for 2 hours, had lunch and an afternoon nap and then played for 2 more hours before dinner time. He crawled from one activity to another at will and there was enough space to cross that he was worn out by naptime. It was awesome. There were no fits, no mischief, no following me around and clinging to my leg--of course, it probably helped that I sat on the couch and read most of the time that he was engaged in this. I also periodically got down on the floor to stack cups and fetch balls from under the couch and read books and also contain the general chaos.

This is one activity that will definitely be coming back every few weeks or so, and probably with different toys each time, but definitely coming back all the same.


~SH~ said...

Aww .. that sounds like an awesome Fun Friday!! :) Still wishing I could join in, but ho hum - here I sit! Missing you so much!!