Catching Up

on 12 August 2009

Well, I'm back.


I thought about blogging about the Craptastic Adventure of Losing our High-Speed Internet and the Restoration of Said Internet, but alas. I'm exhausted from all the RAGE. Suffice it to say, we had one real bad thunderstorm. We lost our Internets. We Battled Comcast. We RAGED (very much like the aforementioned thunderstorm). Internet was Restored. The End.

I have also thought about blogging about our misadventures car shopping...I'm still thinking about blogging about that one. Just as a sort of Guide for Car Salesmen. I'm hoping they all aren't as DUMB as the guy who ATTEMPTED to sell us a car and FAILED spectacularly because Chris and I are SMART. And we did NOT fall of the turnip truck yesterday. But, come to think of it, that's really all there is to it. We test drove a vehicle. We liked the vehicle. The Salesman was NOT smart. And Chris and I ARE smart. And so we did not buy a car from him. The End.

The Boy had his one-year well baby visit (which, now they're called well CHILD visits --when, WHEN, I ask you, did he CEASE to be a BABY and become a CHILD? I want my baby back) which was fine. The doctor is nice enough. Our doctor in Chapel Hill he is NOT. But then, all pediatricians can't fall straight from Heaven, now can they?

Anyway, the Boy is still in the 95th percentile for head size (I know you were all holding your breaths on that one so I wanted to get it out of the way first), he's 60th percentile for both height and weight, and they don't measure this one but I'm also pretty sure he's 95th percentile for CUTENESS.

He's getting two top molars and still with that one top middle tooth--the teeth they are conspiring against me. He's perfectly healthy and right on target developmentally speaking.

The doctor seemed flummoxed by the cloth diapers, I believe his exact words were, "What kind of diaper IS THIS?" Which necessarily followed a demonstration and explanation. We had already covered the breastfeeding and the fact that I made my own baby food. When it came time to talk about vaccinations, Chris and I both had to qualify ourselves as "Hippy, but not THAT Hippy." After all, we do believe in vaccinations. He had three shots and a finger prick (just to check his hemoglobin) and he was a champ. He screamed loud enough to peel paint with the shots, but once he was back in Mama's arms he quieted down to a whimper. We made another appointment for October and left so that I could spend the day pampering my Boy.

The strange and slightly depressing aspect of the visit was how surprised the doctor was by some of our choices (breastfeeding, limiting sugar, no juice at all, cloth diapers, no television etc.). It once again reminded me that I am a stranger in a strange land. In Chapel Hill most people made some, if not most, of these same choices. It was nice to blend. Now, we'll be known in the practice as those cloth-diapering-no-television-hippy-freaks. I don't really mind, it's all just fatiguing. And frankly, explaining myself over and over and over again gets a bit boring.

Thanks to all of your suggestions and for nearly a week of total disconnect, I have a list of posts that I'm going to write. Don't get me wrong, I was twitchy and Not Very Nice about the internet situation by oh, the verynextday, but I learned something. In fact, I may have learned some things (plural). 1) I spend entirely too much time hovering the computer. And 2) I'm actually a better mother when I turn it off and don't think about the bajillions of information that I consume via the internet daily and 3) I get A LOT done when I have no distractions whatsoever. Go figure.


Nancy said...

Didn't have to pay a doctor to tell you Cameron is perfect. I would have told you for free!!!

Whimsy said...


When we hit the one year mark and got to pitch the formula, we did the happy dance for days.

So glad you're back and hooked up.

BTW, what confused the doc about breastfeeding? This one has **me** flummoxed.

M said...

I don't think he was confused about the breastfeeding, he was surprised that we had breastfed AT ALL let alone for 5 months.