on 08 August 2009

Just an FYI.

I have several posts of lovely material and ideas that you've all given me, and I really am going to write them.

But right now I am going in to BATTLE with Comcast over our internet service.

It's a long story and I think when we're on the other side of it, it may even be comical, but right now it's merely INFURIATING. As in, Chris and I are both in the midst of heavy RAGE.

In the meantime...please hold. Your call will be answered shortly and may be monitored for quality assurance.


Clint Ricker said...

If you're losing the battle with the traditional Comcast support, try http://twitter.com/comcastcares (email or twitter).

Whimsy said...

Well that doesn't sound fun at all. Want to know what's also in the NOT FUN column? The bout of stomach flu/food poisoning/foulness that has me in its grip.

I'm languishing and want to DIE.