The Weakened Weekend

on 05 May 2008

So, one of the things I left out of the anniversary post was 1, 462 ways the Husband and I are totally different.

I took Friday off from work. Now, in my head, I was thinking, "This is awesome! I'll get all the projects done around the apartment that I don't have energy to do during the work week and no time to do on the weekend!" And the Husband was thinking, "This is awesome! I'll finally get her to REST!"

So I got up on Friday all set to work work work in our apartment (we're no longer moving, the hassle was just not worth saving $10 a month in rent) and the Husband slept in. To put things in perspective here are my lists:

Things I WANTED to get done on Friday:

  • clean out closets
  • clean out bookshelves
  • pull all the furniture out of our study in order to rearrange it so that it actually fits
  • haul stuff to the Goodwill
  • reorganize cupboards in the kitchen
  • CLEAN, as in deep clean, spring clean whatever you choose to call it.
  • haircut
  • pedicure
Things I ACTUALLY got done on Friday:
  • made 2 strawberry pies
  • fantastically gory, panic infused meltdown.
Yep. That's it. We did get some cleaning done on Saturday and some sorting of things out. And we also made a "To Do" list of things for the Husband to work on this week whilst I am here at work. And I did quite a bit of the Resting thing on Sunday.

It's my fault, I should have done a better job of communicating my expectations to the Husband about what I wanted to do on Friday. And I should have called for a hair appointment on Monday instead of Friday morning. Instead I had a meltdown and helped the Husband eat 2 strawberry pies in 3 days.