1,462 Days

on 01 May 2008

1,462 orders to stop chewing my nails

1,462 "love taps!"

1,462 requests to please eat vegetables

1,462 morning cuddles

1,462 things to be thankful for

1,462 times putting my book away for the night

1,462 shower conversations

1,462 "I love you!"s

1,462 questions

1,462 stories of stuff we did when we were kids

1,462 books moved up 2 flights of stairs for me

1,462 checks written for bills

1,462 bear hugs from behind

1,462 things to be happy about

1,462 kitchen messes from "creation!"

1,462 nervous ticks

1,462 instances of not needing to explain nervous ticks

1,462 winks. With both eyes!

1,462 back tickles

1,462 inside jokes

1,462 laughs

1,462 empty glasses of water!

1,462 reasons to love my life

1,462 smooches

1,462 days where each one is happier than the one before.

4 years ago today I got married. I never thought that I would be married. I never thought that I would have a family. I'm one of those girls who is totally unwilling to pretend to be something that I'm not in order to have a relationship. And then I found the Husband.

Before he was the Husband he was this guy that I knew in Georgia. He was still an undergrad. He was younger than me. He was...odd. Not odd as in awkward, but odd as in different. He's never been your typical guy. I think we were both more intrigued than attracted to one another (that came later). I wanted to figure him out. I still want to figure him out. That's part of what keeps the magic alive.

We went for a walk. He told me about his family. Mostly about his dad. He told me about wanting to be a doctor and swearing off women for that year because it was intense academically. We started to break in to the botanical gardens and then decided against it. Later on there were all night conversations on my living room floor. There were long lunches of Indian food followed by naps. There were many meltdowns due to academic stress and raging insecurity.

There were many many moments that I would love to tell you about but I'm not going to. They're mine. Mine and his and I'm not willing to share. I count them as some of the most precious memories of my life.

Little did we know there were bets placed by our friends as to when we would get hitched. And then there was this trip to Biltmore and a question and I was so stunned he could have pushed me in one of the reflecting pools and I could not have been more surprised.

I never thought that anyone would love me enough to want to marry me. I never thought they would love me as I am. The Husband? He is an unusual man.

It's been 1, 462 days and each one has been wonderful. Usually interesting, sometimes depressing, sometimes joy undiluted. Happy anniversary, Sweets. You're the best part of my life. Thanks for taking this journey with me.


Jeff VanDrimmelen said...

Awwww... Happy Anniversary Y'all!

Whimsy said...

CONGRATS! Enjoy the day, my friend.

~SH~ said...

So, it's official. I have to quit reading your blog because ... ahem, my eyeballs are sweating. (AGAIN)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND THE HUSBAND!! And here's to many, many more. Oh how the days continue to get sweeter!

C said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Katrina said...

Congratulations, Burns!