on 10 April 2008

So, I tried. I really, really TRIED. To come up with something funny to entertain you all.

But alas. I cannot. For this week is not funny. This week is busy, chaotic and more than a little surprising. The workplace is in all kinds of transition and there are many terms being bandied about which have the power to both raise my hopes only to have them squelched by my dominating cynicism and the endless grind of government bureaucracy.

Words like: restructuring, realigning, allocating resources, and empty office. Say it with me, "Emp-ty Off-ice."

Oh, how they pain us. For we do not want to get our hopes up only to have them miserably dashed. But the prospect of no longer having a job that a trained monkey could do would be oh so enticing.

I must meditate on the wisdom of Scarlet O'hara. I can't think about this now, I'll think about this tomorrow. And probably every day until May because nothing can really change before May.

Speaking of May! May is the anniversary of the establishment of Burnstopia. I am in charge of planning the festivities this year--anyone out there have any ideas? We signed up to dog-sit so going out of town is out of the question...but all other ideas will be welcomed and considered, and after the festivities I will tell you what I have done...well, within reason.


Sarah said...

Ditch the dog-sitting and come see us! We are planning on going to Harpers Ferry that weekend but we can do any NUMBER of fun things! Please, please, please! This is me begging. And I usually don't beg. Unless it involves chinese food or ice cream! Please!

Whimsy said...

I would suggest staying in bed and sleeping, because that's just the type of thing I daydream about these days. But you might be thinking of something a little more, I don't know, EXCITING.