A Revelation

on 01 July 2010

So, I've had a revelation of sorts.

I think I'm a WORSE mother for having a child who speaks.

Here's the thing.  Before the Boy started using actual words, his gestures were sort of comical but totally resistible when confronted with something that was less than good for him.

Now that he speaks, his words, combined with his intonation and gestures make for this irresistible combination of charm and humor and I find myself giving in, even when I know I probably shouldn't.

Exhibit A:

This morning for breakfast I made eggs and toast for me and my Boy.  Wheat toast.  Healthy toast.  So we happily munched away and I finished before him as usual and so I topped my remaining toast with a bit of homemade strawberry jam.  Reduced sugar, but still, you know--JAM.

The Boy sees the brilliant red sweetness and begins tapping his piece of toast and repeatedly bleating like a goat "jaaaaaaaaaam.  jaaaaaaaaaam.  jaaaaaaaaaam."  This doesn't capture the musicality of it because he's hitting 3 notes over the course of that long A.

Now, normally I would say, "Nu-uh.  You need to finish your eggies before you get Jam."  And I really did try...but...but...but...it was so darn funny!  With the tapping and the drawn out jaaaaaaaaaam and the tone.  It wasn't whiny in the least, it wasn't loud or belligerent.  It was calm and charming and sweet.

So, as I was laughing at him, I happily schmeared his toast with a bit of jam, which he promptly devoured and thence refused to eat the rest of his eggs.

What am I to do?  This is like my kryptonite!  I have to find a way around it!  My child will be composed of nothing but cookies and jaaaaaaaaaam if I don't!

Super Cute Post Script (SCPS):  He's all about the long A words right now--in addition to jaaaaaaaaaam, he brings me Green Eggs and Ham and request "SAM!  Peese ree, SAM!"  And of course, I drop whatever I'm doing to read him SAM!


Cel and JP said...

Yeah. I thought I'd be impervius to my daughter, but a well placed "Mooooommmy" or "pease?" melts me every time.

Sibley Saga .... said...


Then I'll be in deep trouble as a sweet little grin with chubby cheeks makes me a push-over already.