on 01 June 2010


I finally deleted Burnstopia.  It was sad and liberating all at the same time.

And in honor of this momentous (not really) occasion, I give you my Boy.  Replete with Summer Hair.

This is what he looks like when we go swimmin'.  It's all the sunscreen I attempt to put on his head but wind up putting in his hair, and I know that, but it doesn't stop me from sayin' "Ok, Sid Vicious, let's go SWIMMIN'!"

As for all of that, me and my punk rocker (and his daddy) will be going to North Carolina this week.  My family is hosting the first ever family reunion, which I am giddy with excitement about!  My sister is coming from Utah with her brood, my sister-in-law is already there with her brood and we're all going to get together and let the children run wild.  Sid Vicious might even have a cameo appearance.

How was you're memorial day weekend?  Did you hug a vet?


Sarah said...

Yay for Summer Hair! In fact, yay for summer!!!

I've missed you.

the MuLLinS said...

Hey you! Sorry we didn't get to see YOU over Memorial Day weekend, but I can definitely say we chose wisely. We are SICK and in PAIN and it SUCKS. But man that boy is cute and I look forward to the next occasion I have to kiss those sweet cheeks!!