Changing the Boy's NAME

on 16 June 2010

I made Oatmeal cookies last week.  Well, I made a double batch, a batch with raisins and a batch withOUT raisins (for me because I do not like the ray-rays).

The Boy thinks that if there are cookies in the house it means a free-for-all as if nutritious food and cookies cannot coexist simultaneously.  So I keep the bags of cookies far back on the counter and out of reach and I ration them out to the Boy AFTER he's had something nutritious and NEVER for breakfast.

It's important that you all keep those facts in mind.  So that you're properly outraged when I tell you that yesterday morning I brought the enormous basket of dirty laundry out to the living room for sorting and washing and found the Boy seated in the middle of the floor with a 1-gallon ziplock of oatmeal raisin cookies, OPEN and one cookie half eaten!  I don't know if he ate more than the one, I don't know HOW he got the bag of cookies since I keep the OUT OF HIS REACH, all I know is that I'm changing his name.

For the moment, I'm calling him Dodger.


Cel and JP said...

I swear, toddlers have super powers, and arm elasticity is one of them. What makes it worse is they look so cute when they're naughty.

Nancy said...

Maybe he's got a nose like Hunley. Hunley can sniff out cookies too!

Miriam said...

I love his look. Can't get mad at that cutie patootie!!