Once upon a Green Rubbermaid container

on 02 June 2010

The Boy is in this odd mood lately that requires some sort of bin.  Rubbermaid is the favorite but a laundry basket also suffices.

He empties whatever was in it and fills it with his favorite things.  For example, please see exhibit A:

That would be his blanket and his favorite sippy cup.

Sometimes, he's so happy with his acquisition that he feels it necessary to climb right into the tub o' love.

And because he's so cute when he climbs into his tub o' love, sometimes I reward him with a cookie.

And cookies make him so happy that he, upon occasion, will make this face:

Now go forth and make someone smile. 


Sibley Saga .... said...

MMMMMMM. I'd love one of your cookies, too. I need to be making that face more often,as well.

How's the family? Your brother? I'm headed to visit Mom in a few days as well for a fun gathering. : )