Updating, REAL updating

on 09 June 2010


I can see that I have neglected my weedy space here.  Sorry about that.  So just to clear things out of my head and get back to (hopefully) writing on a regular basis...

  • We've been up in North Carolina for my family's first ever Family Reunion.  It was super fun!  My sister Susie came out from Utah, my sister-in-law, Jill, came down from Maryland and Chris and I came up from the coast.  We talked and laughed and played a rousing game of family Jeopardy! devised by the brilliant Susie.  We made new family pictures (no, I don't have them for you yet), and inevitably collapsed in a heap of exhaustion at the end of it all.  There were 14 kids there between the ages of 18 (almost 19) and 18 months old, the Boy was in COUSIN HEAVEN and now that we're back to our very quiet life he seems both relieved and bored.  
  • Chris did some networking in Chapel Hill and we're hoping that a good job will come of that.  We're both feeling very hopeful and optimistic, something neither of us have felt for many, many moons.
  • We got to stay with our friends the VanDs and boy, have we missed them.  They're moving off to Texas where we will miss them MORE, but it was great to hang out with them for a while before they leave us for the wild, wild west.
  • I got to go have lunch with my sisters.  We've never done anything just the 3 of us before, it was nice.
  • I managed to cart my camera to the reunion and once again failed to take ANY pictures.  I am shamed and mortified at my lack.  My lovey sister-in-law took pictures of my Boy eating his first ice cream cone and his first s'more.  Believe me, when she emails me, I'll post them up here.
  • The Boy is looking pretty shaggy again...I'm contemplating another buzz cut.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?  Opinions?  Beuller?
So that's it.  It seems like a lot has happened but maybe that's just in my head.  I've got all of these various scenarios of how the next 8 weeks is going to work out.  Chris thinks it's futile to plan anything in advance because there are so many variables and, to an extent, I think he's right.  But I need to have a plan so that when things get hectic I don't have to sit and think, I can just act.  So the result is that I end up making several plans according to the different variables.

Our lease is up the end of July so right now, there's no definite plan to move before then.  But I'm also starting to pack up things that we don't use.  Just in case.  I have a vague worry that Chris will get a job rather suddenly and I'll end up having to pack and move our household on my own.  Which I can do, I feel fairly confident in that, but in the event that we get there, I'd rather have something started so that it's not quite so daunting.

And on that note, I'm off to tackle the mountain of laundry and my needy cats.  So catch me up, what have I missed?


Rae said...

Mohawk. Every boy should have one at some point, even if just for a day.

Glad you had a good trip and that things are looking up. You're in my prayers!

the MuLLinS said...

Evan's looking for a job too! He has done a great job networking (not something that comes natural to the boy) and has some great options all laid out, applied for and interviewed with. Now we wait. His best option, we think at least, is one in Roswell. However he did phone-interview one in OC, California (read next door to the BARLOWS!!!) and possibly Austin TX. But probably not.

So yes! We know the feeling of wanting to plan when planning is futile but making tentative plans and baby steps anyways.

Also. My brother has a girlfriend now and I'm FURIOUS because he told me and told me and told me they were JUST FRIENDS and my mom SWORE up and down when he brought her on the family vacay to Orlando that they were JUST friends and were not even CLOSE to dating.... humppph!!!! I hate it when I'm right.

That's it. You're caught up.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Me,I'm currently on our first real 'vacation'. We're visiting my Mom and playing around. The other trips and time off don't count because they were for our trip to the Mayo Clinic (SO not restful), Joe's surgery, and having a baby. No real vacations. See?

Now we're being lazy, hanging with Mom, doing stuff we want, and driving back to NM on Saturday.

...only bad thing is that I'm starting to feel that "It's-Sunday-night-and-I-gotta-do-my-homework" kind of feeling as I ease plan for tomorrow's preparation for the drive.....sigh....and return to reality...