Swiper no Swiping!

on 01 February 2010

I have a confession.

My best Girl Samwise, I'm horribly jealous of her boobs.  Her rack.  Her Mams (as in mammary glands).  And do you know why?  Because that girl is making COPIOUS amounts of breastmilk.  See, I am one of those delusional girls who thinks that SIZE matters.  And so, I was a bit arrogant going into the breast feeding thing, I thought me and my D cups would have no problems feeding my wee babe.  Alas, it was a humbling, frustrating and sad, sad experience. 

Whereas my best Girl Samwise, she is the FOUNT of all Nourishment.  Her freezer is stocked with tidy bags of frozen breastmilk, enough to make breastmilk ice cream!  She nurses AND pumps!  And her wee daughter?  She takes BOTH!  Boobs and Bottles!  It's nothing short of a miracle to me.

And as if I wasn't feeling small and dry and pathetic enough.  On our first full day in New Mexico, Samwise was packing up wee London to head home and the Boy had followed her over to where the car seat was parked.  While Samwise's attention was diverted strapping in her wee babe, the Boy plucks up a bottle and before any of us can take it away from him he starts swigging on it.

Honestly, I wasn't really paying attention, I was a little fried. I looked up when I heard this loud, "MMMMM!" 

And there stands my Boy, bottle of breastmilk in hand, looking for an escape route with his bottle of bootie.

And there I am, completely MORTIFIED that my child has resorted to SWIPING my best friend's breastmilk!

Apparently, it's delicious.

Needless to say, the bottle was removed from the swashbuckling pilferer, returned to the appropriate authorities along with man, MANY embarrassed and profound apologies.


Sibley Saga .... said...

Aw, this marks the first time anybody has EVER been jealous of me in that department. Look at it this way, it won't be long before I'll dry up and these babies will be a saggy shadow of their former selves. Then NOBODY will be jealous at all.

Karen said...

Haha! Too funny! I guess you could look at it as a few more antibodies for the boy?? LOL!
And if that was Eli, I would have totally vomited!! No offense to Samwise, I'm sure she makes awesome milk, but it is another person's bodily fluids!

Whimsy said...

Still one of my favorite memories from the trip.

Erin P said...

Oh that's hilarious!! And his commentary on the contents of the bottle...I laughed!! When I was nursing and pumping at work, we always had a special place in the freezer for each mother...I wonder if it ever got mixed up! Ha ha.