18 Months have Passed me by...

on 12 January 2010

In 18 months I have lost and found my mind dozens of time.  I have lost my temper and found my patience.  I have forgotten my ambitions and found my sense of purpose.  I have lost my balance and found my priorities.  I have lost time and found the moment.  I have forgotten how hard it was at the beginning and remembered how much I have loved him from the start. 

He's taught me how to let work slide and play.  How to let things go.  How to forgive and forget.  How to sacrifice something good for something better.  He reminds me to have fun every day.  To eat well.  To take naps because all of that work and play and reading and eating will really take a lot out of a person.  He teaches me how to see the world with better eyes.  And just last weekend he taught me the limitless possibilities of a cardboard box.





Bird said...

Happy half birthday! Seems so long but still so quick, doesn't it?