Feelin' BOR-ING

on 14 January 2010

What do you guys do all winter long?

I'm not bored.  I'm actually quite content but I feel like I'm boring to read right now.  I'm sorry.  I'm off to New Mexico on the Grand Invasion next week.  I should get some good pictures and good stories to report from that...

For now, we're hanging out.  There are toys all over our living room.  We watch West Wing.  I crochet or knit--I'm working on two very different scarves at the same time.  We read a lot.  We cuddle under blankets and tell stories in hushed voices.  We play with toys from Christmas.  We eat lots of citrus and still have to wipe runny noses.

Chris is job hunting again.  So there's that familiar tension in the house again.

I've been able to successfully put off working out until I get back from New Mexico.  I figure, I don't work out when I'm traveling so there's very little point in working out this week only to take most of next week off...so I'll go back to ye old treadmill and yoga after New Mexico.  In the meantime I'm dreaming of really good Mexican food and laughing with my girls until I cry.

The Cats can't get enough of all the cuddling under blankets.  They're two furry purring machines.

I keep having weird dreams.  I blame falling asleep before I've properly warmed up.  Last night I dreamed that I had x-men mutant powers, some how I could contain and condense other mutant's powers.  Magneto and his gang of ruffians had kidnapped the Boy and wouldn't tell me where he was and I was containing and compressing his merry minions one by one while setting the place on FIRE with my MIND.

Yeah.  I know.  I didn't really have a point there did I?  Sorry about that.  Apparently, I shall go to New Mexico in search of really good Mexican food AND a point.


Erin P said...

I feel that way too. Maybe we're worn out from the holiday?