Monday, Monday

on 18 January 2010

Am I the only one completely depressed by Haiti?  I can't stop looking at the slide shows and watching the news coverage.  Some women from church are planning a service project for the people down there, so I'm not quite paralyzed...but I have taken to roaming the house and muttering, "We live in biblical times..."**

And when I want to curl up in a ball and pull the covers over my head, I flip through these pictures...

As if the cardboard box was not fun enough.  That was before he met his good friend Rubbermaid.






**Give what you can...please?


Katrina said...

The hair looks good and Asher has that same shirt. My mom got it for him for Christmas.

Have fun in NM! Where exactly are you going?

Emily said...

I totally know what you mean! I lost sleep the other night just thinking about how much we have been blessed. My brother served his mission there 20 years ago and my heart went out to him knowing how those people became his people. Fortunately, 2 of his comps became doctors and they just left yesterday to go help. I can only imagine how heartbreaking the sight will be for him, yet not going would've been even more so.