To do it justice

on 20 January 2010

Coming to you LIVE from New Mexico and the High Desert, it is M!  And the Boy, so fully two-thirds of Burnstopia!

We are exhausted.

So here's the back story. 

Six years ago last August our triumverate disbanded.  I moved to the South for grad school and eventually the faithful Samwise would leave to work a WIC clinic in North Carolina followed by a stint in Okinawa.  Whimsy alone of all of us has remained constant.  Then we went and got married in our separate corners of the states, Whimsy to Chip in Seattle, me and Chris in North Carolina and Samwise and her Joe in the desert southwest.

And then we went and had children.  The charming and disarming Alice, followed four months later by the Boy followed a year and bit later by the Newbie:  London.  (Though ingenue would probably be the nicer and more sophisticated term.)

We haven't been all together for 6 long years. 

So when Whimsy came East last Spring we concocted this PLAN.  The two of us and our two children would DESCEND on the unsuspecting Samwise in New Mexico.  We would admire each other's children, we would talk, we would laugh and we would oooo and aaaahhhh over the Newbie.

And so that's what we're doing this week.  In case you were suffering The Morbid Curiousity.

The Boy and I flew from Jacksonville to Atlanta from Atlanta to Phoenix and from Phoenix to Albuquerque from whence we would meet up with Whimsy and Alice and rent a car and drive the long miles into the desert to a small casino/resort near our Faithful Samwise.  And that's what we've done.  Crossed time zones and state lines, soared and descended, hurried and rushed and finally rested.

I have many stories to tell you all, stories of bravery, of kindness and tender mercies, of patience and mellowing.  But I can't tell them just yet.  I haven't quite finished living them. 

Be patient.  More is coming.