on 25 January 2010

We're home.

I'm not sure where to begin to talk about the trip.  I have some stories that I really want to tell but I seem to be experiencing this vacuum of language where I don't quite have the right words to talk about much at all right now.

Once again I considered just shutting down the blog all together.  I get delete happy when I feel like this.

For the moment I'm washing load after load of laundry, grocery shopping and hoping the delete happy feeling passes.

I'm going to try to work on those stories and get them up this week.  I have pictures too, and pictures to send off to Whimsy and Samwise.  My child thinks his new permanent place is in my lap.


Whimsy said...

Please don't delete. And please don't go away. I like this place. A lot. As you know.

As for the stories... there's a particular one or two that ONLY you can tell and do justice. I'm excited to read what you have to say.

I'm so glad you did the trip.

Sarah said...


You may take a break (without feeling the need to catch up) but you may NOT disappear.

That is all.

Oh, and I love you.

And I've missed you.

And you MAY NOT disappear.

Bird said...

Don't leave! We just met! Also: I started reading the book theif!

Gina said...

M. Do no delete. This place tells your story.