A Buzz and some living room furniture

on 15 January 2010


First, let me Shout Out a Happy Birthday to my home-girl Whimsy!  And since I'm feeling nostalgic I'll say, "Stay Cool and Sweet, Flygirl!"  I'll be seeing you next week.  In case you won't recognize me since the spring, I'll be the frazzled looking one carrying a tired and cranky and probably flailing child.

The Boy and I have been sick most of the week.  I have been decidedly more ill than He.  He had a runny nose but was otherwise fine.  I lay on the couch watching West Wing for the better part of Wednesday afternoon.

And as I lay there it occurred to me that my Boy's hair was a bit out of control.  Instead of being thick and shaggy and cool it was thin and wispy and due to the excess of static electricity he had a comb-over from his left ear all the way over to his right.

So out came the clippers and 30 minutes later (hey!  You try buzzing a Boy who is thoroughly fascinated by the clippers and keeps trying to turn around to see what you're doing back there!) and he was much neater.



So the cowlick's back.  But all in all I think he likes it.  And he looks MUCH better.  (I didn't cry.  I wasn't sad.  But I find after a couple of days that what I miss is the bed hair.  It was so cute when it was big and sticking up all over his head.  Now it sticks up for no good reason at all except that it grows that way.)


And we finally bought some real living room furniture.  Chris' boss, his dad is selling his duplex on St. Simon's and moving to Florida so he's selling all of his furniture too because it reminds him of his late wife and all he really needs for happiness is a recliner.  So we went and looked at it and it's all relatively new and you can't beat the price so we bought it.

We now have real living room furniture.


Whimsy said...

Thanks for the shout-out, man.

Now where the heck are the PICTURES of the furniture?

Love The Boy's hair. Tis awesome.

SH said...

LOVE the haircut! So cute!! He's definitely looking more like a little boy now. (As opposed to a baby, that is!)

Brett said...

Great job on the 'do! Can't wait to see your new furniture--probably after your trip.