Her Name is Nina

on 03 February 2010

We live in South Georgia.

Please understand that other than the freakish cold snap that lasted for about a week, the Boy hasn't really needed a coat all winter.

I really am NOT a bad mother.

And when faced with packing for Santa Fe, I did look for a coat for him, it's just that with no real need for coats down here, there were none to be found.

So I figured we'd layer and wear the fleece and just make do for four days.

We spent one day in Santa Fe proper.  Marveling at the 400 year old church, walking up and down the streets, poking into silver boutiques--we were a parade of strollers.  Whimsy was looking for a turquoise ring and I was looking for some very specific silver earrings (I have been looking for them for a DECADE, I'm not sure why I thought that I would magically find them in Santa Fe).  We ended up perusing the wares of several native american artisans.

We strolled slowly down the length of the commons, and then slowly back up.  At this point we had been outside, in the snow, for several hours.  On our way back up the commons a lovely woman said, "Your baby looks really cold.  His hands are all red."  At which point I crouched down and rubbed and blew and attempted to thaw his poor, red, chappy hands.

She then stands up and pulls out a blanket that she had been sitting on.  She holds it out to me and says, "Here.  Take this, wrap him up tight."

I protested.  I offered her payment.  I flushed and thanked her profusely.  I felt humbled and grateful and embarassed that I hadn't taken better care of my Boy.  I offered her money once again.

She held out her hand and said, "Be my friend."

We shook on it and I asked her name. 

"My name is Nina," she replied with a brilliant smile.

I hugged her and thanked her for her kindness, and Samwise took our picture. 

I am continually amazed at the kindness that Heavenly Father brings into my life.  And yes, I lay it squarely at His door.  It is too much, too rich, too pointed for mere fate or mortals.


Taylor Family said...

My love,
by no means are you a bad mother! i am grateful to this woman, this angel in disguise, what a sweet spiritual experience to have. and for her to say to just be her friend, im sure you will be reunited in eternity, much like our friendship, your smiles and hugs are priceless. she got just as much from you, as you did from her.
i love you, and your BOY and your hubby!

the MuLLinS said...

I pretty much just wanted to say exactly, word for word, what Ginny just said. Isn't it amazing how Heavenly Father reaches out to us through others? It's almost like he thinks he's being sneaky, but you're right. There's no denying it's only through him and because these kind people are in tune enough to act. Love you! Beautiful story.

Emily said...

Awesome. I have a few trinkets in my home that I've carried around for 14 years now to remind me of some person's kindness, when it wasn't really out of excess. I only hope that I can be just as giving.

I am so thankful that Heavenly Father uses those small moments to show His love for us. I know He love you.

Katrina said...

That is so sweet. Glad you had fun in Santa Fe. I have walked that street many times. :-)

Eleanor Q. said...

Can I just say that I thought you lived in Florida?

Anywho, the kindness of strangers that helps us when we we are stuck, stranded, cold or in need of that bit of extra help is something to be thankful for and repaid whenever possible. Glad the boy stayed warm, and that you made a friend.