An experience in random

on 08 January 2010

I'm feeling decidedly unfocussed lately.

Poor you.

Also poor Chris.

The Boy is in Heaven.  It means that our days are totally unstructured and I spend a lot more time wallowing on the floor with him or tickling or playing with toys that I don't normally play with.

I don't really know why I'm so unfocussed and disorganized, it's not NORMAL for me.  I can only assume it's a prolonged holiday hangover.  (We don't drink so by hangover I mean the over-eating, over-sugar, over-traveling, over-family, over-presents of the holidays.)  I'm trying to remember what I used to make for dinners before it was all pie all the time.  Last night I made pizza and my friend Mona said, "But it's Wednesday.  You make pizza on Mondays."  Which I vaguely remember, but it's almost cold here so I was craving warm pizza.

How's that for random?

I have this long list of things I was supposed to do this week but alas, poor Yorick, I have not done them. 

  1. Bake Bread
  2. Bake cupcakes for Friday play date
  3. Play date Friday
  4. Prepare lesson for church
  5. Laundry
    1. in my own defense the laundry is all CLEAN, I just have to finish folding it.
  6. Write thank you notes
  7. Blog 
  8. Go and look at some furniture
    1. Chris' boss's dad is selling the furniture in his condo now that his wife has died.  We want to go look at it in the hopes that it will be cheap and we'll like it and it will perhaps come to Burnstopia to provide us with more comfortable seating than our thoroughly mashed futon.
  9. Schedule an oil change for Arabella
  10. WASH Arabella
I could go on but it's kind of depressing me at this point since I feel like I've worked all week long but NOTHING on this list is actually done.

On a totally unrelated and therefore appropriately random note, I made some whole wheat spice muffins yesterday that turned out awesome.  Especially when one considers that I didn't have a recipe and was totally winging it.

Why is it that my child's favorite place to be in the entire world (of our apartment) is laying right under my feet?  I wish I was exaggerating, but alas, I am not.

Chris has applied for 2 jobs so far and both of us are trying not to talk about how much we hate the job hunting process.  HINT:  A LOT.

This is the first year since Chris and I were married that he's bought me a birthday present.  The year we were engaged he brought (they were FREE from Dad's store) me a small Swiss Army penknife and a pedometer because I lost my original Swiss Army penknife and he and I were having an on-going argument about relative walking distance.  (i.e. he thinks FAR is anything further away than a block.  I think FAR is 5 miles or more.)  After 5 and half years of marriage he's bought me another pretty-pretty bag off of ebay.  It's a diaper bag.  It's made by my favorite diaper bag designers.  Neither of us would EVER buy one for retail price because lo, they are RIDICULOUSLY priced.  But ebay always has them (and craig's list sometimes has them) and most of them are reasonably priced.  So while we were in NC for New Year's he bid on one and won it!  I'm giddy at the prospect of a bonafide birthday present from Chris.  It's a once every 6 year phenomenon (apparently) so I intend to enjoy it.

My feet are really cold right now.

I really should attempt to do something productive off of that list...

I made these reading goals for 2010, mostly composed of books that I've started at various points but never finished.  There are 12 of them.  So, theoretically, I need to read a book a month.  I'm currently working on Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy.  It's good, but it's also good and depressing.  I'm resisting the urge to shelve it in order to re-read Lord of the Rings again.

The reason I was thinking of Lord of the Rings is that part where they have to face the Balrog of Morgoth in Moria and Gandalf realizes what it is and he says, "A Balrog.  And I am already tired."  I love that.  That's how I feel lately.  Everything becomes a Balrog and I am already tired.

The Boy is toting around the new hair clippers I bought for Chris because his old ones broke.

All right.  This is going absolutely no where, I had hopes that I might be able to salvage it and you know, actually go somewhere with it.  But I have now realized that's not going to happen.  Here's hoping for greater focus next week.


Whimsy said...

Happy birthday tomorrow, man. Congrats on the bag! That's awesome.

Wallow. Enjoy. Be unfocused. It happens to all of us.

I think I've done exactly three things on my This Week To Do list. And none of them were at the TOP of the list. Which means that none of them were really priorities... but you know how it goes.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day has been fab!