What Worked

on 24 October 2008

Thanks for the comments/suggestions. I only got one that was somewhat smarmy (though, I'm willing to believe it was well-intentioned) and it was summarily deleted.

So the Boy slept through the night again last night and here's what worked. (Sorry, Sarah! Um, growth spurt? With James? Too much excitement in your house? It'll get better, you have great kids!)

New (thicker!) pajamas with socks and a onesie underneath and double weight flannel. He started off in a hat but he had done away with that after a couple of hours.

Also the Husband turned up the heat a notch. It's still a brisk 65 degrees in the apartment (as opposed to the 60 that we are content to keep it) but it's better than nothing.

Incidentally, Target has some of the cutest pajamas I've found anywhere. They're heavier cotton than Gerber's and they're reasonably priced. I bought 3 sets last night that are so cute that I want to wear them.


Gina said...

Oh, oh, Oh...I missed the opportunity to get in on the advice section! Only to find that my suggestions are the same as the rest of the pack. For us, the fleece pajamas with footies work wonders. In fact, on the random nights that he does wake up to nurse during the night, we are both sweating bullets by the time he is done. Those things make little heaters out of babies...

Whimsy said...

Yay for thicker PJ's! And YES don't you just love the Target ones? Too bad, they only run to 9 months which makes me very very SAD. Alice is on her last round and then we'll have to branch out to other brands.

Kristin said...

May I camp out with the Boy? I need sleep! Or better yet, may Mary camp out with the Boy? You both can teach/train her the fine and blessed art of sleeping through the night.