What to do on a rainy Friday...

on 17 October 2008


Make bread?

check! Honey Oat Wheat bread. It made 4 loaves and 12 rolls. NOM NOM NOM

What else?

Right! One cute kid. Check!

Excuse me please, I need to go eat delicious baby cheeks for dinner...wait, that's not right...bread and cheese!


the MuLLinS said...

Awww, save some baby cheeks for me!! And some bread. That looks SO good Martha Stewart! Sheesh. You're making me look bad (because you weren't already...???) I LOVE YOU.

Sarah said...

Mmmm...Burnstopia Bread. How did you know I was JUST thinking about your wonderful bread? Thanks for baking it up and posting a picture to remind me of exactly what I'm missing. No really, I appreciate it. If you send me a scent sample I might just die.

Karen said...

Um...recipe please! For the bread, not the cute kid. I know how to make one of those ;)