The Other Thing

on 08 May 2008

Oh yeah, the Husband and I signed up for Childbirth classes starting on May 20th.

Stay tuned for, what I'm sure will be, highly entertaining blog material.

I'm awfully tempted to do one of those pregnancy/childbirth/ child-rearing confessional type posts where I confess our choices that may or may not be construed as controversial. But frankly, I'm afraid that if I got one judgmental comment** my head might explode, and I think the boy needs a mom with a head still attached.

Confessional post may or may not be coming...

**My comments are generally wonderful and from people that I LOVE. But I'm a pioneer in paranoia and you just never know who's actually lurking out there waiting to zing you.


Whimsy said...

So I wrote a comment and then the browser ATE the comment.

It went something like this: I'm so glad you're taking the class. I thought you guys weren't going to do it - what changed your mind?

Even though I had a c-section, I'm still glad we took the class. If anything, it's highly entertaining - plus it's great time to spend with your husband.

I can't wait to hear all about it!

Sarah said...

I'm so excited! Those classes are sure to give good fodder. And you'll probably learn more than you think you will. Kim and I were just talking about how they should be mandatory. Let's just say that some new parents we both know REALLY could have benefited. And Miss. Dee would be a little better off if her parents had a CLUE! Anywho, I'm beginning to rant. I love you.

And, even if you have a C-section the breathing techniques can be MUY helpful in keeping you calm and peaceful, and in managing pain after the fact.