Walk Towards the LIGHT

on 13 March 2008

So after losing my voice in it's entirety--the Husband staged an intervention. He called my doctor's office for me (I was on gmail chat at work, y'all--we heart technology) and they diagnosed me with a hefty case of bronchitis (with a fair amount of certainty) and prescribed me some pretty pink antibiotics.

There be light at the end of this here tunnel of illness--and it's bright and cheery and hopeful looking! And we at Burnstopia are heading towards it!

In other news, the Husband is on spring break and he's attempting to program some data to run for analysis in SAS and it's driving him bonkers. Someone send help. ASAP.

This weekend marks the 24 week mark of the pregnancy (belly picture forthcoming) which means that the 3rd trimester is just 4 more weeks away and it happens to coincide with the END of cold and flu season. Ask me how happy I am! Go on! You know you want to! Although, I must admit that as terrifying as Birth is for me, the past 24 weeks with the assorted illnesses have been sufficiently miserable that I don't care how painful labor and delivery is--it will only last 1 day as opposed to 3 straight weeks of being SICK--bring it on.

The Boy actually WOKE me up this morning at 2am kicking me very hard in an endeavor to get me to 1) wake up, 2) go to the bathroom and 3) eat something. I did the first two but opted for secret hidden option number 4) go back to sleep, rather than eating something. I'm also beginning to suspect that he's either mischievous or downright spiteful when it comes to his relationship with his father--he'll kick me hard enough for it to be visible from the outside but as soon as the Husband puts his hand on the belly to feel it, the Boy FLEES to my kidneys.

We watched Big Fish last night and it was a joy to watch. Really lovely. Here's one of my favorite exchanges:

Dad: You are in for a surprise.
Son: Am I?
Dad: Havin' a kid changes everything. There's burping, the midnight feeding, and the changing.
Son: You do any of that?
Dad: No But I hear it's terrible. Then you spend years trying to corrupt and mislead this child, fill his head with nonsense, and still it turns out perfectly fine.